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HR and TALENT Services


In the past few years, the HR function has become a reliable board room partner for organizations to thrive in these competitive and unchartered times. HR function today is supporting various Strategic Initiatives to future-proof the organization through People Interventions. The HR function is partnering the leadership in fulfilment of the Vision of the organization through Transformation, Capacity Building, and Identifying/nurturing the talent for the future.

With over 50+ man years of HR professional experience, we have the necessary expertise, processes, and knowledge of best practices to support you in all aspects of Human Capital Management at your organization. We are committed to innovation that drives us to constantly seek new ways to maximize the potential of our clients’ human resources. Our HR & Talent Solutions are designed to provide organizations with purposeful interventions which empower our clients in their all HR and Talent transformation initiatives.

HR Advisory Services

We have experienced and Competent HR Professionals who offer you a suite of comprehensive advisory services and related implementation.

If you are a Large Corporate:We can support the CEO, CHRO/CPO/HR Head in conducting a HR Audit and aligning your HR function to your Strategic Vision / Business Goals. We can review your HR Policy Framework, current Talent Strategy, and address your current pain points to enable the HR function to support Business Goals better. We can support you in your Organization’s Change Management efforts through our HR Transformation services. We can also benchmark your HR initiatives with best practices in the industry. Our Talent Acquisition services would help you attract best talent with competitive compensation.

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If you are a SME: We can help you set up the HR Department; support you in creating appropriate industry benchmarked HR Policies; and create HR Processes to align HR Goals with the organizational goals. We can create tailor made HR Solutions to improve HR operational efficiencies and optimize HR costs to help you focus on your core business goals. We can help you set the right culture within the organization for effective execution of your Business Strategy. We can also create outsourced HR processes that prepare the organization for the next level of growth. Our Talent Acquisition services can help you identify the best talent that can fit in your organization culture at competitive compensation.

If you are a Startup: By taking care of the HR, Compliance, and other aspects related to HR, we can help you focus on what is important for you, be it Product, Service or Sales. We can help you get the right talent at competitive compensation and build the core team around the promoter’s vision. We can setup HR Policies in your organization so that this important aspect does not get ignored while the organization pursues its growth trajectory.

Talent Strategy

It’s a war out there for talent!! Having a good Talent Management Strategy is a must for driving Business Performance. Business Strategy rides on good talent and the two must be integrated to drive your desired culture and business outcomes. We work with your senior leadership and design a road map that identifies high-impact interventions across the talent life cycle, to attract, nurture, empower, and retain top talent. Some of the important HR interventions we have significant expertise in are:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Performance Management
  • Learning Road Map & Building Training Interventions
  • Designing a reward and recognition program
  • Career Management and Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Culture Improvement

Setting up HR Department

Often organizations start out with the founder / owner or a non-HR executive handling HR issues. As the organization grows, department managers may handle general employee issues, while accounting or finance handles payroll activities. In such young/startup organizations, the HR function is scattered and does not get the specialist attention it deserves. As an entrepreneur or a founder of such startup organization, you may want to get advice on issues an organization should consider when creating a new Human Resource (HR) function from scratch. Or you may want expert support to set up the HR function in view of overall expansion plans of your organization. In either case, you can engage with us for help.

While forming the HR department in an existing organization, an HR Audit helps determine the current state of the HR processes in the organization. Based on the HR Audit, we could appropriately come up with an action plan prioritizing the initiatives to be taken up. Having worked with several start-ups and such other young organizations, we understand the pain points of such organizations and have come up with simple and effective solutions that can help organizations in addressing their HR issues while keeping the costs lower and delivering quality outcomes.

HR Policies, Systems and Procedures

It is important for the organizations to define clear HR policies, Systems and Procedures which are in line with the extant regulatory framework. Policies are guiding principles used to set direction in an organization. They function as a guide to decision making under a given set of circumstances within the framework of objectives, goals, and management philosophies determined by the leadership. Procedures are a series of steps to be followed to perform a task. Systems are in between Policies and Procedures and comprise a series of procedures to achieve a particular objective as per the relevant policy outlined. To build a good company, it is essential to have a proper set of HR policies, Systems as well as Procedures. We can support you by building the appropriate HR Policy, Systems and Procedures in line with the best practices in related industries.

HR Audit

If you are the HR Head of your organization and have felt the need to assess the efficacy of your current HR initiatives; OR evaluate the effectiveness of any HR process; OR understand the reasons for stress in your HR systems, we recommend you to conduct an HR Audit. A well conducted HR Audit usually serves as a good baseline for HR Transformation initiatives. Such a baseline study identifies problem areas, clarify the transformation objectives, set priorities, and also usually reveals inter relations between various aspects of HR in the organization. An HR Audit can also help identify the cultural dimensions of the organization and what interventions are imperative in the strategic context of the organization. A comprehensive HR Audit could involve reviewing all aspects of your Human Resources function but HR Audits could be focused on specific HR functions also. Our HR experts work with you to identify areas for audit so as to deliver the maximal impact for the transformation ahead. The HR Audit often results in an improved clarity on the transformation objectives.

HR Analytics

If you would like to understand, quantify, manage, and improve the role of talent in the execution of strategy based on data, our HR Analytics services would help. Our HR Analytics allow you to analyse and interpret your HR data. HR Analytics involves collecting data from various sources, processing data, storing, and analysing it to get insights about critical functions and resources important for the organization’s performance. Analytical insights allow HR managers to make informed decisions related to employee lifecycle such as recruitment, training, performance evaluation, compensation etc. backed by relevant data. We can support you in creating data capture mechanisms, analytical frameworks, and evolving metrics for powerful decision support.

HR Mentor

Mentoring is a powerful approach for HR professionals in small, mid-sized as well as in large organizations who feel the need to grow professionally and contribute in their organizations. It is also a good approach for any HR professional who wants to grow by cultivating good personal relationships with senior HR professionals who have been through the curve earlier. One of the biggest benefits for the HR professional is to have a safe, confidential environment to discuss their thoughts, feelings, questions, and professional aspirations with experts experienced in HR field to shorten their learning cycles. The benefit of this cost-effective, on-the-job learning intervention for mentee HR professionals is quick growth and better clarity on various HR issues so that they can create impact in their respective organizations. We have a team of Mentors and Coaches who can support your teams by giving them the right inputs.

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Change Management

Whether organizations like it or not, change is continuously happening. When the pace of change is high, the change invokes fears, insecurities, uncertainty, and resistance. The change could be in the face of a major organization wide initiative such as an enterprise wide IT initiative; OR a change in HR policies; OR it could be a result of an acquisition/divestiture or a merger; OR a regulatory directive; OR a major disruption such as Covid19.

In either of the above cases, the HR function needs to step up and help the organization cope up with the change so as to make the change smooth. A cornerstone of successful change management initiative is effective and clear communication. Similarly, a significantly high level of attrition, a drop in employee engagement, disruptive behaviour, and/or outright failure of the initiative is often a sign of poor change management.

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Several communication and process related elements have to be managed well during change management. Critical hires and influencers need to be kept in loop. Our experts in Change Management can assist you in all aspects of Change Management to achieve the change objectives smoothly.

Organizational Transformation

Our Organizational Transformation services are aimed at situations where the entire organization is going through change as a result of revamp of Business Strategy; OR because of any specific disruption in the environment; OR because of any corporate reorganization. We have a panel of experts who have implemented Change Management initiatives in several organizations in India as well as across the World. They have worked with organizations of all sizes in multiple sectors and have achieved good results with proven methodologies, techniques and skills. Our experts will help you completely understand the intricacies and interrelationships in complex change management exercises and help you sail through without much friction in a time bound manner.

HR Transformation

HR Transformation is all about aligning the HR function with the overall Business Strategy of the organization. A key outcome of the HR Transformation exercise is the evolution of the HR function as a business enabler rather than as a support function. HR Transformation makes consumption and delivery of HR services easier at the functional level and at the individual level while helping HR professionals to become business partners. HR Transformation takes time, dedication, leadership, and partnership and delivers extraordinary value to the Organization. Our experts can support you in all aspects of the HR Transformation including HR Organization Design, HR Service Delivery design, Workforce Planning, Technology Transformation, HR Processes, HRIMS, Analytics, Skill Development, Leadership and overall Change Management for the initiative.

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Capacity Building

Over the last few decades, the HR Manager’s role is increasingly becoming that of a Business Partner. As a Business Partner, an HR Manger’s role is to build capacity in line-managers by enabling, advising and supporting them and their staff to incorporate effective HR practices more fully into their day-to-day management of people. This involves dealing with day-to-day employee relations issues; answering questions about HR policies; providing effective performance feedback; building development plans; resolving interpersonal conflicts; and coaching the Manager on how to coach the employee himself /herself. The role of HR Manager thus evolved from that of an HR Operations role to that of a Coach and a Visionary Leader in furthering organizational goals.

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Retraining and Reskilling

It is estimated that roughly 20+ percent of the global workforce may need to retrain and reskill as digitization, automation, and advances in artificial intelligence disrupt the world of work. The kinds of skills companies require are shifting with profound implications for the career paths individuals will need to pursue. Many organizations will likely have to retrain and redeploy tens of millions of midcareer, middle-age workers and professionals as the rate of obsolescence in talent is quite fast in recent times. This could be disruptive and could constitute a serious cost. We have an excellent network of qualified and certified technology leaders and professionals to retrain and reskill organization’s staff for better productive engagements.


Training Needs Assessment, Training, and Monitoring Training Effectiveness is an ongoing process in organizations with a reasonably functional HR function. Organizations assess the trainings required periodically for the whole of the organization or for a group of individuals through various processes such as competency assessment and development centers, self-appraisals, and 360° feedback from seniors, peers, juniors, customers, and other stakeholders. We can customize the training and development programs that our clients need to ensure that their employees are trained and equipped for optimal performance. We can support all aspects of your Training initiatives in the areas of :

  • Identifying Training Needs
  • Identifying Training programmes and interventions
  • Conducting the Trainings/Identifying trainers for the programmes
  • Measuring Training Effectiveness
  • Incorporating best practices in your Training Programme

We offer training in key areas: Leadership Trainings, Manager Level Trainings and Soft Skill Trainings aligned with Organizational Culture.

Leadership Trainings

Preparing your employees for leadership starts with familiarizing the leaders with the competencies required for the leadership. Our trainings also focus on application of the learnings through Cross Functional and high leverage opportunity areas for the organization. In such programmes, we create space for participants to engage with self and others over a period with equal time for reflection and action. This is done through a combination of workshops, individual feedback, small group feedback, Development Centers, and Behavioral Outbound learning opportunities for high impact. These interventions allow for depth and intensity that is needed for powerful shifts from their current ways of being and for reflective learning. Such a practical approach allows the organization to see tangible results in the effectiveness of the training intervention.

Manager’s Training

First time managers often need to develop completely different level of existing competencies and also develop altogether new competencies as they shift from being team members till recent times to being Managers for the first time. Our Managers training programmes start with familiarizing the managers with the competencies required for the leadership. This is followed by creating opportunities to apply the learnings in day to day work and learn based on reflective thinking and action. We offer training and development programs for both new and experienced managers and supervisors to provide them with the education and resources they need to be effective people managers. This allows the organization to see tangible results emerging from the program.

Soft Skills Trainings

We can support your business in a whole array of soft skills trainings for junior and middle level executives. Our senior panel of professional trainers in the industry carry significant experience of training methodologies and best practices. We only use specific trainers who have delivered and achieved results with a variety of organisations.

Leadership Coaching

Leaders today face unprecedented pressures to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment inside and outside the organizations. In the race to acquire more and more information and knowledge about the external environment, knowledge of the self and developing an ability to relate and connect to others may get neglected. This may become bottlenecks for them in their workplace performance. Fortunately, many professionals are able to optimize their performance with coaching interventions.

We can help your executive to undergo better self-awareness, build more effective relationships, learn various ways of working, support their strengths, and improve their leadership skills through our coaching interventions. We can provide your executives objective insight, feedback, and guidance allowing them to tap their own path to goal achievement and professional achievement. Our executive coaching includes a set of phases including input, assessment, goal setting, development planning, execution, cyclic check-ins, and finally, goal achievement. A coaching commitment lasts from six to eight months.

Process Interventions

We work with teams to create classroom or outbound process interventions to address specific areas which are identified as pain points during our other interventions. These are outside the regular trainings and have very specific objectives such as eliciting solutions from groups of employees, building awareness for an initiative, eliciting behavioural changes etc.

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Competency Framework

A competency is a cluster of closely related abilities, commitments, knowledge, and skills that enable a person to perform effectively in a job, or respond to a situation better, resulting in superior performance. A competency framework is a set of competencies that are set and defined in the context of organizational vision, mission, and goals. For each competency, the framework usually sets levels at which the individual can be assessed at. A competency framework usually also has defined competencies across various dimensions such as:

Individual Competencies: These are basic competencies an individual must possess to work and succeed in an organizational work environment.

Technical or Functional Competencies: These are competencies that are related to the role and support the employee in becoming a subject matter expert and a “Trusted Advisor” whom others inside and outside the organization will look up to.

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Leadership Competencies: These are competencies that an individual must possess / develop to build and lead teams.

Values-Based Competencies: These are competencies that pertain to soft aspects such as values, business ethics etc. to know what is right and be able to apply the knowledge in a given context.

We specialize in conducting customized competency-based assessment and development centers as a part of our talent management suite of services. We help discover and develop new talent from insights gained from the assessment centres. We inspire, coach, and train future leaders and high potential employees so that our clients can reward and retain the best people for succession planning.

Competency frameworks and related Assessment/Development mechanisms are usually designed to achieve the following objectives viz,

  • to evaluate capability for a specific function or a role
  • to evaluate against a standard or a competency framework
  • to identify competency gaps and training needs
  • to identify potential to be nurtured
  • to develop individual developments plans to narrow the developmental gaps.

Our trained, experienced, and objective assessors use several tools to observe and elicit patterns of behaviour of individuals on key competencies to help our client understand how these competencies will influence individual and organizational performance.

Competency Framework Development

Competency Frameworks are used by a wide cross section of organizations. However, such frameworks are often found in organizations with a mature HR function. In such organizations, the core behavioural competencies are set by the leadership to support the Organization’s Vision and Mission. They are often established across various functions and various levels in the organizations and are role fitted. Measuring / developing competencies allows the leadership to identify the right people for the right job. With significant experience in building such competency frameworks, our experts can help organizations identify and build the right competency framework which enhances productivity and enables organizations reach their strategic goals powerfully.

Assessment Centers

Assessment Centers are used for assessing aptitude and performance of an identified group of participants by trained assessors using various aptitude diagnostic processes which help in obtaining objective information about participant’s behaviour in controlled situations. The participants undergo various assessment tools like in-basket exercises, group and team discussions, case-study exercises, business presentations, batteries of tests (paper & pencil, aptitude, psychometric), role-plays, simulations, interviews and other such instruments. ACCTPRO has the cumulative experience of having assessed over 5000 managers of the middle, senior and executive levels.

Development Centers

A Development Centre approach is recognized as one of the most accurate and efficient ways to identify the needs of, and provide development tools for your leadership and management members. The ACCTPRO Development Centers ensure these goals are achieved by observing the person in various scenarios which reflect the real-life pressures of his/her operational working environment. In this approach, in every meeting, the employee is observed by trained coaches who assess their performance and then give constructive feedback at different points in the day. We also deliver documented feedback and coaching during the events to provide added inputs to the attendees, and give them positive reinforcement. Our experts can support you in navigating through this smoothly with ease and grace to achieve great benefits.

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Talent Acquisition / Recruitment Services

Supporting a Talent Acquisition programme of an organization requires the recruitment consultant to understand the business and function well and map the skills /competencies that are critical to different roles across the organization and how they relate to organizational success. Identifying and looking for skills/competencies that are critical to a particular job’s success is a key element of our Talent Acquisition Services. Our consultants not only gather information on the role but also assess the contribution of the role to the Business Goals in the overall business context and the interfaces of the role with other roles. Thus our Talent Acquisition solutions not only help you to attract and recruit top talent but also create a strong talent pipeline for creating future organizational success. We have an expert team to support you in your Talent Acquisition programme. Our clients value our understanding of the business and the understanding of the competencies/skills required for the jobs that we bring to talent acquisition jobs.

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Executive search / Head Hunting

Our Executive Search service specializes in C Suite search and senior level talent acquisition for clients across a spectrum of businesses. We have assisted several organizations in recruiting the right talent for their senior leadership positions. Our senior HR Leaders with extensive industry experience work with complete focus to fill your critical and difficult to fill in senior positions. We give personalized attention, maintain confidentiality, and maintain excellent speed to support our clients organizations in getting the right talent for the organization.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services offer several solutions that can effectively meet your hiring goals. Our services are characterized by timely action plans and monitoring that translates into a significant saving of the client’s time and the costs when compared to having a large in-house team for sourcing. We have the technology, network, expertise, and ability to improve the overall effectiveness of your hiring programme. Our RPO services assist you to process large volume requirements or responses, manage selection of required personnel, and manage the administrative aspects of the process with your teams.

Recruitment Analytics

Recruitment Analytics are quite useful for mid-sized and larger organizations to monitor and support the Talent Acquisition team through dashboards and metrics to identify areas of improvement/problems and to find alternatives to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of the Talent Acquisition processes. We work with organizations closely to understand their current system and come up with easy to implement dashboards to strengthen their Talent Acquisition process. Clients can ramp up hiring faster, reduce costs of hiring, and bring in more individual and team accountability through our custom-built Recruitment Analytics solutions.

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HR Process Outsourcing

Our HR Process Outsourcing services allow our Clients to transfer the whole of the HR process or Part of HR Process such as recruitment (see Recruitment Process Outsourcing) to us and we take complete responsibility of the services with expert supervision. Our team can work at your location or work offline from our office to give you specific solutions. Essentially, we custom build solutions to organizations based on the criticality of requirement, scope defined, and their budget. Typical engagements in HR Process Outsourcing could be

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  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Performance Appraisal Support
  • HR Process outsourcing (illustrative scope) could involve developing and maintaining
  • HR Policy Framework & Implementation
  • HR processes
  • Organization Chart, Job Descriptions (JDs)
  • Competency Framework, Assessment Centers
  • Training and Skill Development programme
  • Compensation Framework
  • Performance Appraisal System
  • Organization Culture & Employee Engagement Assessment System

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HR & Management Personnel Staffing

Our Staffing Services are created to help you address the challenges of temporary manpower requirements. This needs a lot of bandwidth and focus to manage the staff right from sourcing, recruitment, on-boarding, attendance management, salary disbursement, HR compliances, maintaining staff discipline right upto the separation processes followed by full and final settlement. We eliminate the need for you to invest resources into these complex procedures while ensuring your business does not face challenges due to shortage of right skills. We work with you as an extended part of your team and ensure that all your staffing objectives are met.Everything we do reflects our deep understanding of HR staffing, as well as the importance of each placement so that your company gets the most out of our staffing services.